Sinkhole development occurs when voids in the ground develop and the overlying earth falls into the void creating a depression at the ground surface. One form of  sinkhole occurs naturally in areas of karst topography where soluble rock like limestone or dolomite are present and there is an active flow of groundwater through the openings. Voids form in bedrock and in soil and the overlying soil collapses into the void, creating depressions at the ground surface.  Manmade structures such as mines, pipelines, and sewers are different forms of voids over which sinkholes can form.

Grounded Logic can help evaluate the cause of the sinkhole and can formulate plans for properly remediating the problem.

Sinkhole over old brick-lined sewer in North St. Louis City, Missouri

Sinkhole formed in two yards in a subdivision in South St. Louis County in 2017

North St. Louis County sinkholes

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