Slope Stability

Slope Stability

Natural and manmade slopes have failed when the strength of the soil or rock supporting the slope becomes less than the weight of the earthen mass driving it to fail. Strength reduction can occur when a project cuts the earth to a steeper inclination; or when the groundwater tables rise during periods of excessive rainfall. Loading on a slope can increase when placing new fill on a slope, for example, when constructing retaining walls. Retaining wall designers are required to evaluate global stability, another term for slope stability, when designing walls.  John Shively and Grounded Logic evaluate the causes of slope and retaining wall failures and can prepare plans for the remediation of those failures.

Slope failure in a subdivision in Hazelwood MO

Slope failure at Landfill in Champ MO

Failure of Soil Nail Wall at Hanley and I 270 in Florissant MO

Remediation of Failed Slope, Randolph County Illinois Highway

Slope Failure – Costco South St. Louis County Missouri

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